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  新东方呼和浩特学校  李德忠

  Part I Writing (30 minutes)

  Directions : For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the importance of having a sense of social responsibility. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.


  When asked what is the most important quality a man should own, I will say it is a sense of social responsibility without hesitation. Over the past centuries, the sense of social responsibility has always been considered as a traditional virtue in China.

  From my perspective, having a sense of social responsibility is one of the most important qualities a successful man should own. As a common people in the society, you should make the social responsibility as the basic principle. Only in that way can you succeed. For example, Tao Huabi, the founder of the Laoganma Group, who has engaged in production of spice bean jam for more than 30 years and their products are trusted by almost all Chinese people . The only secret of her success is to take the social responsibility and repay society when pursuing interests. If she only pursued short-term interests and turned a blind eye to her responsibility, she would not establish her business empire.

  To sum up, having a sense of social responsibility is so valuable to our life that everyone should know its importance and be a man with strong social responsibility. 


  新东方呼和浩特学校  李德忠


  【六级翻译】梅花(plum blossom)位居中国十大名花之首,源于中国南方,已有三千多年的栽培和种植历史。隆冬时节,五颜六色的梅花不畏严寒,迎着风雪傲然绽放。在中国传统文化中,梅花象征着坚强、纯洁、高雅、激励人们不畏艰难、砥砺前行。自古以来,许多诗人和画家从梅花中获取灵感,创作了无数不朽的作品。普通大众也都喜爱梅花,春节期间常用于家庭装饰。南京市已将梅花定为市花,每年举办梅花节,成千上万的人冒着严寒到梅花山踏雪赏梅。


  Found in Southern China, the plum blossom tops the list of the ten most well-known flowers in China, with a history of cultivation of more than 3000 years. In midwinter, confronting cold ,wind and snow, plum blossoms of different colours bloom beautifully. In traditional Chinese culture, the plum blossom is the symbol of strong character, purity and elegance, which encourage people to forge ahead without fearing difficulties. Since ancient times, many poets and artists have drawn their inspiration from plum blossoms and created numerous immoral works. Common people are also fond of plum blossoms, which are used for decoration of houses. Nanjing city had made plum blossom its city flower, and holds Plum Blossom Festival every year, which attracts hundreds of thousands of people to enjoy the plum blossoms in cold snow.


  新东方呼和浩特学校 姚秀清

  Section A 选词填空(卷一)

  26 G detrimental

  27 J indulging

  28 E deficits

  29 A assessed

  30 L rapidly

  31 B assigned

  32 O similar

  33 C consequences

  34 D conspicuously

  35 N regularly

  Section B 长篇阅读(卷一)

  36 G

  37 C

  38 H

  39 D

  40 B

  41 E

  42 J

  43 F

  44 I

  45 A

  Section C 仔细阅读

  Passage 1.

  46. (A) Why do some experts consider lying a milestone in a child’s development?

  A.It shows they have the ability to view complex situations from different angles

  B.It indicates they have an ability more remarkable than crawling and walking

  C.It represents their ability to actively interact with people around them

  D.It involves the coordination of both their mental and physical abilities

  47. (D) Why does the Harvard neuroscientist say that lying takes work?

  A.It is hard to choose from several options

  B.It is difficult to sound natural or plausible

  C.It requires speedy blood flow into ones

  D.It involves lots of sophisticated mental activity

  48. (C) Under what circumstances do people tend to lie?

  A. When they become too emotional

  B. When they face too much peer pressure

  C. When the temptation is too strong

  D. When the consequences are not imminent

  49. (B) When are people less likely to lie?

  A. When they are worn out and stressed

  B. When they are under watchful eyes

  C. When they think in a rational way

  D. When they have a clear conscience

  50. (B) What does the author say will happen

  then a liar does not get punished?

  A. They may feel justified

  B. They will tell bigger lies

  C. They will become complacent

  D. They may mix lies and truths

  Passage 2

  51. (C) What does" The Big One…” refer to?

  A. a gigantic geological fault

  B. A large-scale exercise to prepare for disasters

  C. A massive natural catastrophe

  D. A huge tsunami on the Caledonia coast

  52. (A) What is the purpose of the Cascadia Rising drill?

  A. To prepare people for a major earthquake and tsunami

  B. To increase residents' awareness of minent disasters

  C. To teach people how to adapt to post-disaster life

  D. To cope with the aftermath of a possible earthquake

  53. (D) What happens in case of a megathrust earthquake according to the passage?

  A. Two plates merge into one

  B. Boundaries blur between plates

  C. A variety of forces converge

  D. Enormous stress is released

  54. (B) What do the officials hope to achieve through the drills?

  A. Coordinating various disaster-relief efforts

  B. Reducing casualties in the event of a disaster

  C. Minimizing property loss caused by disaster

  D. Establishing disaster and emergency management

  55. (C) What does the author say about "The Big…

  A. Whether it will occur remains to be seen

  B. How it will arrive is too early to predict

  C. Its occurrence is just a matter of time

  D. It keeps haunting cascadia residents


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